Zero Trust Architecture: A New Model For Combating Cyber Attacks

Zero Trust Architecture: A New Model For Combating Cyber Attacks

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With the Remote Workforce of today and everything all going virtual, having the proper levels of authentication mechanisms in place becomes of great importance. Many businesses have tried to adopt the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) approach, but this has proved to be unsuccessful thus far.

So, they have turned to what is known as “MultiFactor Authentication”, or “MFA” for short, in which at least three or more layers of authentication have to be involved. But even with this in place, the Cyberattacker is still able to break through. What is the next option? It is known as the “Zero Trust Framework”, or the “ZTF”. In this kind of authentication model, absolutely nobody can be trusted in either the internal or external environment of your business. These even includes the employees that have been with you the longest.

In this eBook, we cover the principles of the Zero Trust Framework, focusing in on the following topics:

*Introducing The Zero Trust Architecture

*Is Your Organization Affected By Cybercrime?

*Why Zero Trust Is The Last Line Of Defense For Your Critical Servers

*A Security Engineers Guide To Zero Trust

*How Does Multi-Factor Authentication Help You Achieve Zero Trust?

*What Is The Next Step?

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