What Is A Smart Home

What Is A Smart Home

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The Smart Home is almost becoming the de facto standard of living here in America. Just imagine brewing a cup of coffee or starting a cup of coffee with the clap of your hands.

But despite all of these advantages, there is a huge Cybersecurity risk to this as well, which our previous publications have covered.

But also despite the advantages of the Smart Home, it may not be the best fit for any individual or family.

Therefore, in this eBook, we examine the social impacts of a Smart Home, to help you to decide if it’s the right thing for you. This eBook covers the following topics:

*Which Devices Are Part of a Smart Home?

*How Do You Get Started with Smart Home Integration?

*When is a Smart Home Worth It?

*The End User Acceptance of Smart Homes

*The Social Impacts Of The Smart Home

*The Overall Perceptions of the Smart Homes

*The Impacts of Smart Homes On Mental Health

*Conclusion - The Level Of Trust That Can Be Placed Into A Smart Home

This eBook can also be purchased on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/

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