The Top 10 Mistakes Made By Mobile App Developers

The Top 10 Mistakes Made By Mobile App Developers

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Product Description

In today’s Cyber world, there are many weaknesses and vulnerabilities and weaknesses which allows the Cyberattacker to penetrate through and move in a lateral fashion. But one area that has always eluded the “microscope” has been that of software development.

For example, many people assume that when their Web application is complete, that all is good to go. While this is theoretically true, much of the source code that is used to develop them often go untested, thus leaving many backdoors, especially when it comes to using open-sourced APIs.

But software development is not just restricted to Web applications, it also applies to Mobile App Development as well.

In this eBook, we cover the following topics:

*Mobile App Usage By Market Sector

*The Variables Inhibiting Mobile App Adoption

*The Top Mistakes Made By Mobile App Developers, from the perspectives of coding and Cybersecurity

*A Best Practices Guide


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