The Impacts Of The IoT On The Remote Workforce

The Impacts Of The IoT On The Remote Workforce

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Product Description

With the Remote Workforce of today now a permanent fixture here in the United States and most of the world, many employees now want to make their lives as comfortable as they can as they try to accomplish their daily job tasks. With that in mind, the Internet of Things (IoT) is now a huge trend that is happening.

With the IoT, all objects and devices are interconnected in both the virtual and physical worlds. So with the clap of your hand, you can turn on your coffee maker, and even log into your computer. But, the IoT is having an impact on other realms of the Remote Workforce, and this eBook covers these more detail, such as the following:

*What is the Internet of Things?

*How IoT is Being Used to Increase the Efficiency of the Home Office

*How IoT is Having a Positive Impact Upon Office Space Efficiency

*The Effects That IoT is Having Upon Remote Workforce Cost Savings & Environmentalism

*How IoT is Having an Impact on Remote Workforce Scheduling

*How IoT is Enabling A Quicker Commuting Time for the Remote Worker

*The Overall Advantages of the IoT for the Employer with the Remote Workforce


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