The Effects Of COVID19 In The Supply Chain

The Effects Of COVID19 In The Supply Chain

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The COVID19 virus has gripped the world as never expected. It has forever changed both the personal and professional lives of just about everybody on this planet, and just about every industry imaginable.

But there is one industry that has been more or less immune to Cyberattacks, which is the supply chain industry.

But with the recent vaccines that have come out from the likes of Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, this has now come under severe attack. We examine this closely in this eBook.

The following topics are covered:

*How the COVID19 Pandemic Changed Cyber Security;

*The Effects Of COVID-19 On Cyber Security In The Supply Chain;

*How To Mitigate The Impacts Of COVID-19 In Cyber-Space;

*The Post COVID-19 Pandemic: The Future of Cyber Security.

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