The COVID-19 Testing Methodologies eBook

The COVID-19 Testing Methodologies eBook

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Product Description

When it comes to COVID-19, there is one truth about it now: It is here to stay, and for a long time. Just like the Influenza virus, there will more than likely be many subvariants of it that come out.

Thus, there will be a need for testing all of the time. But even though testing supplies and sites are now plentiful, there is still confusion about the testing process, and which one is the best to make use of.

At the present time, there are three main testing techniques, and more to come into the future. In this eBook, we dispel the myths of these tests, and provide an in-depth overview as what each one is about, and how the testing process works for all of them.

Specifically, it covers the following topics:

*A Review Of Important Terminology

*PCR Testing

*LAMP Testing

*Serology (Antibody Testing)

*Antigen Testing (Rapid Testing)

*Testing Techniques Of The Future


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