Ransomware: Steps To Take eBook

Ransomware: Steps To Take eBook

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Ransomware is one of those threat variants that will never go away. In fact, given the geo-political conditions of today, it is only going to get worse.

But believe it or not, Ransomware as rampant as it has become, is really nothing new. It is a major variant of Phishing, which has its roots all the way back to the early 1990’s.

But no matter how old or what its form is today, you as a business owner have a legal obligation to protect your enterprise, customers, and employees from any sort of Ransomware Attack.

But unfortunately today, many businesses still do not take this seriously. Their attitude is: “If it has never happened to me, it never well.”.

But with this kind of attitude, it is quite likely that these businesses will be hit at some point in time or another. Therefore, to get you prepared, we have created this eBook which gives you a step by step checklist in order to get your lines of defenses up and running.

Make use of it today!!!

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