Is Someone Using A Fake ID Of You? : Synthetic ID Fraud 101

Is Someone Using A Fake ID Of You? : Synthetic ID Fraud 101

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Product Description

As we steamroll into 2022, there are many new types and kinds of Cyber threats that are coming to the fold. These are primarily Phishing based ones, and the strains that are coming out here are mostly those of deadlier Ransomware variants.

But, other new attack vectors are coming to the forefront, and of these is known as “Synthetic Identity Fraud”, or “SIF” for short..

This is a term that you have probably have not even heard of, but long story short, is it is a new form of Identity Theft, as its name implies. But what is different about this one than the other traditional forms of attack is that it makes use of not only your information, but even made up information, or false information about you as well.

So given the fact that these two are combined into one profile, it makes it very difficulty to track and defeat these types and kinds of Cyberattacks. In this eBook, we cover the following:

*What Is Synthetic Identity Fraud?

*How Is It Different From Identity Theft?

*The Key Ingredients For The Making Of The SIF Variant

*What Are The Key Characteristics Of SIF?

*Why It So Hard To Track Down SIF?

*Conclusions – How Can SIF Be Defeated?

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