How COVID-19 Impacted The Telehealth Trend

How COVID-19 Impacted The Telehealth Trend

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Even after two years into the full force of COVID-19, we are still feeling the impacts. For example, there are many new variants that are still cropping up on a worldwide basis, such as the BA 3 and the BA 5 strains from the Omicron, as well as others that we probably have not even heard of yet. Although as a society we may act that COVID-19 is over, the fact of the matter is that it is not.

Instead, we have learned to accept it, in a way like the influenza. It is here to stay with us on a long term basis. They key here for the American society to keep engaging COVID-19 on a proactive basis, by coming out with newer vaccines and oral pills that we can take to help mitigate the risks of not only getting it, but spreading it as well. In fact, is a worldwide effort, where we all must together as one.

But even though COVID-19 brought a terrible wrath to the world, there are actually a few good things that actually have come from it. One of them is Telehealth. This is where we can have a doctors visit over a video conferencing tool, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This proved especially beneficial for all of us, as we still needed to keep our doctors appointments but had to socially distance ourselves.

Although we can now visit our doctor face to face (assuming that we have been vaccinated), Telehealth will still be around, and will probably even grow in ways never imagined before, just like how the Remote Workforce has evolved.

In this eBook, we look at the trends that triggered the growth and adoption of Telehealth right when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and we also look at what is happening now:

*How COVID-19 Triggered The Rise In Telehealth

*The Impacts Of COVID-19 On Present Day Telehealth

*The Different Types of Telehealth That Have Emerged

*What Else Needs To Happen Before The Full Benefits Of Telehealth Are Realized?

*The Impacts Of Telehealth On Maternal Care

*The Impacts Telehealth On Medical Policies In The United States

*The Impacts Of Telehealth On Rural Areas In The United States

*The Impacts Of Telehealth On Drug Addiction In The United States


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