AI & Big Data

AI & Big Data

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In the world of Cybersecurity, there are two main areas of growth data. They are the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Big Data.

With the former, the goal is replicate the thought and reasoning powers of the human brain. With the latter, the objective is the ability to take large amounts of data, and be able to harness the powers from it, to make predictions for the future.

Believe it or not, AI can be used to do this specific task, especially when it comes to predicting what the future holds for Cyber threat variants, and even more so to find and discover hidden trends in these large datasets that are not discernable to the conventional means of analysis.

But now that the two are coming together, there is a new revolution that is occurring, which was never thought of before. This is known as “Augmented Intelligence, and is the focal point of this eBook.

The topics that are covered include the following:

*An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence & Big Data;

*The Dawn of Third Business Intelligence;

*The Hyping of AI Will Continue

*Augmented Intelligence Will Give Birth – The Combination of AI and Big Data;

*How To Make Augmented Intelligence Consumable For The End User;

*The End Of The Relational Database;

*How To Deploy Augmented Intelligence For Your Enterprise.

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